Why Us ?

Quality Food makes people healthy. With the aim of serving the consumers the best quality products of Meat and Fish, we are launching this venture – wearefresh.in – online store for fresh meat and seafood. The main personnel behind this is Mrs Jilmol Sindo ably assisted by her husband Mr Sindo Vincent. Mr Sindo Vincent has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and sales of food products and other FMCG products in different MNCs across India.
The meat and seafood industry in our country is largely unorganised. There is an urgent intervention required in this segment to make sure the quality and neatness of the products we purchase. We are procuring the products from the source of origin which gives utmost importance to hygiene and freshness. Reared and bred in neat and tidy, disinfected coops and pits, these are the superfine quality meat from “fit-for slaughter” certified goats, buffaloes, chicken and duck, besides Fish and other seafood right from the net to your basket ideally suited for the members of your family.
These are really fresh products and are not frozen. We have skilled professionals for cutting, cleaning and packing of the products. To ensure the quality we supply the products in the insulated boxes which make sure that the cold chain lasts till your doorstep. We have made an entire range of products for your convenient shopping. No more queues or traffic. Just log on to wearefresh.in or download our app from the Google Play Store.

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